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I am Dale K. Hallebach. I have been a professional photographer since 1980. I attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago and shortly after free-lanced for National Geographic. My business shoots include weddings, senior shoots, family portraits and special projects. I believe in the integrity of the art of photography and my standards are high. I use the top of the line Canon equipment and I shoot in both color and black and white. I am keeping myself abreast of the technology related to photography today and it helps that I teach photography at CNCC here

in Western Colorado for the last eighteen years. I am also an official

photographer for the Sheepdog Trials in Meeker, Co. which takes place in late summer. I am the judge at two county fairs and judge both

technically and aestetically on all photos. My passion and knowledge is vast, so if you have questions or interest on serving you, please contact


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